BAM recognizes the importance of corporate governance, which is the main factor that allows an organization to have good management standards and good business ethics,

to ensure its customers and the public that the Company’s operational processes are independent, transparent, efficient, and fair for every related party. As a result of implementing corporate governance, the Company will be accepted for its trustworthiness.

Recognize the role and responsibility of the Board of Directors as the organization leaders who sustainably create values to the Company
Specify the Company's objectives and goals for sustainability
Strengthen the Board of Directors' effectiveness
Recruit and develop top executives and employee management
Promotion of innovation andresponsible business conduct
Implement an appropriate risk management system and internal control system
Maintain financial credibility and information disclosure
Shareholders' participation and communication promotion
The Company is committed to business operation under corporate governance principles and on a transparent and examinable basis in line with the best practice and code of conduct

As well as personal data protection and risk management throughout its value chain to ensure continuity in its business operation and creation of mutual value and in the best interests of all stakeholders on a fair and equitable basis.

Corporate Governance Policy
Corporate Governance Code

Code of Conducts

Code of Conduct
Investor Relations Code of Conduct
Supplier Code of Conduct


Board of Directors Charter
Executive Committee Charter
Audit Committee Charter
Risk Oversight Committee Charter
Corporate Governance for Sustainability Committee Charter
Nomination and Remuneration Committee Charter
Technology Committee Charter
Compliance Charter

Corporate Policies

Human Rights Policy
Corporate Tax Policy
Investment Policy in NPL and NPA
Sustainability Policy
Stakeholders Sustainability Policy
Human Rights Guidelines
Anti - Insider Trading Policy
Intellectual Property Policy

Corporate Documents

Memorandum of Association
Articles of Association