Disclaimer on Asset Information Service and Warning to Bidders or Buyers of Assets

In addition to Bangkok Commercial Asset Management Public Company Limited’s the Website Terms and Conditions under which the obligations therein are accepted by the users, the users who visit and search asset information and other information and components shall accept the following Terms and Conditions:

  1. Any content, statements, information, and conditions on this website neither represent any offer for sale of any of BAM’s assets nor an invitation to make a bidding for any of BAM’s assets. This website provides basic information for persons interested in the information on BAM’s available-for-sale assets only.
  2. Available-for-sale assets of BAM are offered for sale based on the assets’ as-is conditions, whether visible or not. BAM does not make assurance of the accuracy or perfection of the assets, boundary line, area size and condition of the assets, and does not verify the accuracy and matching with the list, information and any details of the assets appearing in the land title deed, condominium title deed, documents of rights, or any other documents.
  3. BAM makes no representation and no responsible assurance of any assets for sale by BAM of being free from expropriation or invasion or deprivation of rights.
  4. Before bidding, the prospective buyer has the duty to examine details of the asset to be purchased. The bidder is regarded by BAM as having sufficiently and completely acknowledged the conditions and limitations of the asset.
  5. In case the users express intention to buy an asset or join the bidding or take any other action through BAM’s internet system, BAM does not warrant that the electronic mails (email) from this website are sent to the users, and that the privacy and/or security of such emails exist during the sending of such emails via the internet system.
  6. BAM reserves the right to modify, change or waive any conditions specified in the offer for sale of assets as well as the right to cancel the sale of any one or several or all of the assets at any time without prior notice to the users, bidders or buyers, and without prior consent from the users, bidders or buyers.