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Bangkok Commercial Asset Management Public Company Limited

Business Overview

To be the leading organization in the revival of assets to drive Thai economy and society towards sustainable growth.

BAM aims to be an essential tool in managing non-performing assets by helping debtors and solving financial institutions’ problems. The Company supports the real estate sector by developing potential foreclosed properties to meet market demands. As a leading asset management company, BAM is ready to acquire NPL/NPA from all financial institutions and strives to become the best asset management company in the country. As of March 31, 2024, BAM successfully helped 156,772 debtors settle debts with the total principal balance of 488,651 million baht and sold 52,782 properties with the total appraisal value of 114,898 million baht.

Non-performing Loans
Successfully Settled
Total Principal Balance
Million Baht
Non-performing Assets
Properties Sold
Total Appraisal Value
Million Baht
Coverage Nationwide
Professional Employees

Key Performance Q1/2024

NPLs Collection
Million Baht
NPAs Collection
Million Baht
Total Assets
Million Baht
Net Profit
Million Baht
Total Equity
Million Baht

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August 2024
Result Release Q2/2024
August 2024
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August 2024
Opportunity Day Q2/2024
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Financial Statement Q1/2024
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Management Discussion and Analysis Q1/2024
Opportunity Day Q1/2024
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SET Announcements

May 2024
Notification of the resolution of the Board of Directors' Meeting to approve the establishment of a joint venture
Grow Together
To be the major asset management organization and a key engine in sustainingnational economy with restructuring of bad debts into performing debts androll-out of relief measures for debtors toward mutual and sustainable growth.
Grow Together
Corporate Governance
To be an organization operating under corporate governanceprinciples and with adherence to transparency, examinability andfairness to customer, trade partners, shareholders, employees andparties concerned to ensure sustainable growth.