14 Jan 2020
Newly issued shares of BAM to be returned to FIDF have already been listed and are subject to the lock silent period.

Mr. Somporn Moonsrikaew, President of Bangkok Commercial Asset Management Plc. (BAM), said that BAM offered and allocated its 217,042,300 newly issued shares to Trinity Securities Co., Ltd. on January 14, 2020 in order for Trinity Securities Co., Ltd., as the over-allotment agent which had purchased 12,957,700 shares that were traded on the SET, to return a total of 230,000,000 shares to the Financial Institutions Development Fund (“FIDF”) on January 16, 2020.

BAM would like to additionally inform that the total shares presently held by FIDF in BAM of 1,480,000,000 shares (including the 217,042,300 newly issued shares already listed on the SET) will be subject to a lock silent period of one year and six months from the date the shares start trading on the SET, as specified in the prospectus. Therefore, all of the shares held by FIDF may not be traded on the SET until the end of the said silent period.