01 Jun 2020
BAM partners with Shopee to tap into the e-commerce market by offering a maximum discount of 30% and an on-top rebate of Baht 10,000.

BAM has adapted its sale strategy to tap into the e-commerce market in order to cater to consumers in the new normal era, and is ready to join forces with Shopee to offer a special promotion to buyers of ready-to-live-in properties to exchange the Baht 66 gift card, purchased through Shopee during the 6.6 Brands Festival campaign, for a discount of as high as 30% on properties purchased from BAM, along with many other discounts, offered as from the 6/6 D-Day.

Today (June 1, 2020) at 10.30 hrs., Mr. Somporn Moonsrikaew, President of Bangkok Commercial Asset Management Plc. (BAM), and Khun Suchaya Paleewong, Marketing Manager of Shopee (Thailand) Co., Ltd., jointly opened the e-commerce cooperation event in the name “BAM x Shopee Partnership - The Digital Shopping for The New Normal” organized at Showroom on 1st Floor of BAM Head Office.

Mr. Somporn Moonsrikaew, BAM President, said that today’s consumer behaviors are changing in tandem with global situation to adapt to the new normal. BAM has itself adjusted its sales promotion strategy and used online platforms as its marketing communications tools over the past couple of years by, among others, opening its social media on Facebook, Line, YouTube and Instagram. The Company offers its NPAs for sales on these platforms by using techniques such as 360-degree panoramic images of the properties which customers can view as if they had visited the actual places, including VDO tour production, aerial photos taken by drones, etc. This time, the Company is looking to tap into the e-commerce market by increasingly using online platforms to address residential consumers’ demand. A very special promotion will be offered to customers to purchase BAM’s gift card at just Baht 66 through Shopee application during the 6.6 Brands Festival campaign and to exchange it for a discount of as high as 30% on properties purchased from BAM, along with an on-top rebate of Baht 10,000 for all property items.

Apart from that, customers who use the gift card for buying BAM’s NPAs will, after completion of the ownership transfer, receive Shopee discount code worth up to Baht 3,000 based on the approved sale prices, i.e. a discount of Baht 500 for property price of Baht 200,000 - 499,999, Baht 1,000 for property price of Baht 500,000 – 999,999, Baht 2,000 for property price of Baht 1,000,000 – 1,999,999, and Baht 3,000 for property price of Baht 2,000,000 or higher. Such discount is for purchases through Shopee only. In addition, customers who speedily transfer the ownership within 30 days after the sale approval date will be given a special promotion under the “On Reo Rap Loei” campaign with gift vouchers of the participating partners, including Tesco Lotus, Big C, HomePro, Index Living Mall and SB Furniture, in the amount as high as Baht 100,000 according to the approved sale prices.

BAM will offer a listing of 100 ready-to-live-in properties such as single houses, twin houses, townhouses, commercial buildings, condominiums and vacant land in prime areas across the country with special prices of Baht 200,000 and higher for interested buyers to choose from as they desire. This special promotion will commence on Saturday, June 6, 2020 onwards.