30 Apr 2020
BAM will launch the High Tech NPA Sale Festival which can be visited online anywhere, anytime across the globe.

BAM will hold the high tech “Online Housing Property Sale Festival by BAM” under the concept “Visit the Event Online Anywhere, Anytime Around the Clock” during May 1 – 30, 2020, and will boost its sales promotion by offering a free transfer together with a gift voucher worth up to Baht 100,000 in the “On Reo Rap Loei” (get a reward for speedy transfer) campaign and a two-year 0% interest rate for customers purchasing BAM properties with installment payments.

Mr. Somporn Moonsrikaew, President of Bangkok Commercial Asset Management Plc. (BAM), said that the COVID-19 outbreak has prompted the Company to modify its sales promotion strategy to fit with the situation since sales booths at all trade exhibitions or shopping malls have been canceled for the time being. The Company has thus adapted its marketing plan and prepared to hold the Online Housing Property Sale Festival by BAM under the concept “Visit the Event Online Anywhere.” The event will showcase BAM’s NPAs such as condominiums, single houses, twin houses, townhouses, commercial buildings and vacant land for sale to customers who can do their shopping via BAM Virtual Booth on a microsite created by BAM on its webpage. Customers can simply click on various boards to view top items, special price items, promotions and special programs for debt restructuring customers as if they had visited the actual booth. They will enjoy the experience in visiting each property through 360-degree panoramic images or viewing all details of the property via a VDO tour. An array of beautiful ready-to-live-in properties is available for reservation online around the clock.

Special promotions will also be offered at such event. Customers who buy the properties in cash with an approved sale price of not over Baht 3 million per property item (including special price properties) will be entitled to a free transfer. Those who make a reservation and complete the ownership transfer within 30 days after the end of the promotion will receive gift vouchers of the participating partners, including Tesco Lotus, Big C, HomePro, Index Living Mall and SB Furniture, in the amount according to the approved sale prices, i.e. a gift voucher of Baht 1,000 for property price of Baht 100,000 – 499,999, Baht 2,000 for property price of Baht 500,000 – 999,999, and Baht 5,000 up to the maximum of Baht 100,000 per property item for property price of every Baht 1 million.

To further help relieve customer burdens amid the COVID-19 crisis, customers with low income or limited budget who wish to buy a condominium unit with installment payments from BAM at a price of not over Baht 500,000 will be offered a special promotion with no down payment and a lower-than-rental starting installment payment of only Baht 700 – 2,800 per month in the first year (based on value of property) together with interest rate of 0% in the first two years and at MLR of BAM for the rest of the agreement term. Moreover, customers buying properties with installment payments and approved sale price of not over Baht 3 million will be offered a special promotion of 0% interest rate in the first two years, after which interest will be charged at MLR of BAM for the rest of the agreement term (except for special price properties).