BAM is fully aware of the good corporate governance principles, which contribute to the organization’s competency in terms of its operations and code of conduct. Based on the concept of transparency, honesty, and fairness, the principles will raise a standard of business management, strengthen business ethics, improve efficiency, and build clients’ confidence towards the business. As a result, BAM will earn trust and reliability from other strategic partners leading BAM to achieve its goals.
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Corporate Policy
Anti - Insider Trading Policy
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Anti – Conflict of Interest Policy
Size 94.33 KB
Intellectual Property Policy
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Board of Directors Charter
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Executive Committee Charter
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Audit Committee Charter
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Risk Oversight Committee Charter
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Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility Committee Charter
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Nomination and Remuneration Committee Charter
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Technology Committee Charter
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Compliance Charters
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Code of Conduct
Code of Conduct
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Investor Relations Code of Conduct
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Supplier Code of Conduct
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Corporate Document
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Memorandum of Association
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Articles of Association
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