The main purpose of BAM is to help Thailand economy growth by resolving commercial banks’ NPAs and NPLs issues. The company resolving the issues by increasing the quality of NPLs and recirculating high quality of NPLs into the economic system.

1. NPLs Management Business

We purchase NPLs from financial institutions in Thailand, including banks and other asset management companies, and manage NPLs through debt restructuring negotiations with debtors to reach optimal solutions for all stakeholders where possible. Our NPLs are mostly collateralized by real estate properties, secured by a first priority mortgage.

2. NPAs Management Business

We acquire NPAs through various means, such as negotiating with debtors for the transfer of the underlying collateral in satisfaction of debt, foreclosing on the collateral underlying our NPLs and purchasing NPAs directly from financial institutions. We make the renovations and improvements before beginning the sales process.

The company’s NPAs, primarily real estate assets such as undeveloped landbanks (which includes agricultural property), hotels, commercial properties and residential properties, including detached houses, townhouses and condominiums as well as certain movable assets and securities.